Achieving a healthcare culture of agility and innovation

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital President
Kuan-Ming Chiu
Far Eastern Group President

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (FEMH) was established to contribute to the society, by the founder of the Far Eastern Group, Mr. Yu-Ziang Hsu. Established in 1981, FEMH has become a well-known and trustworthy hospital in the community. Started partnership with National Taiwan University Hospital in 1999, numerous outstanding health professionals have joined the FEMH family. In December 2001, FEMH completed the first expansion on the building, bringing innovative healthcare devices into our services, making FEMH a modernized hospital. Our consensus of “Bettering healthcare quality” then helped us reach the goal of becoming a medical center in 2006. With the support of Mr. Y.Z. Hsu Medical Foundation in 2009, FEMH expanded the building for the second time. The new building finished its construction in 2015, expanding the floors by one-fold. We also introduced the most innovative devices and professionals, aiming to provide the best care and expand the healthcare volume.

With the whole world facing the unforeseeable challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, local Covid-19 outbreaks in Taiwan since May 2021 have caused an unexpected community transmission, and healthcare facilities have also faced stressful volume of confirmed cases’ hospitalization. As a hospital in the hotspot, FEMH bears a mission of “Committing the corporate social responsibilities”; not only treating the most patients in intensive units, but providing healthcare service in quarantine facilities, conducting mass testing and vaccination service in both public and private sectors. With the collaboration and contribution of our staffs, we have successfully turned obstacles into opportunities and gained public recognitions. This has shown that FEMH plays an important role in the healthcare system in Taiwan.

FEMH will continue to strengthen both inner and outer collaborations in the future with flexibility and diligence to cope with the constantly changing environment. We would like to utilize our professionalism to meet the need of citizens in the following aspects:

  • Sustainability: Develop the customer-centered culture, strengthen communications, and provide collaborative and comprehensive healthcare service to reach the goal of sustainable operations.
  • Medical specialties: Develop medical specialties and sub-specializations to benefit patients with innovative technology; as well as to expand the services, to integrate medical and long-term care system to a new model, and to create values for all stakeholders.
  • Medical Researches: Promote basic medical and clinical researches, as well as cell therapy, to boost opportunities of cross-alliance with medical industries. Apply more artificial intelligence (AI) technology and expand researches in precision medicine and disease risk prediction model.
  • External Certificates and Awards: Bettering healthcare practices to demonstrate higher quality to the public by obtaining certificates and participating awards to facilitate cross-field integrations.
  • Clinical education: Promote medical education, upgrade clinical skills and the decision-making trainings. Emphasize the value of communications and integrations. Enable more young professionals as our assets to expand future healthcare service in different fields.
  • Smart healthcare: Digitalize healthcare service in the post-Covid-19 era. Strengthen the applications of technology and telemedicine, analyze the customers’ experience for better clinical prediction and management strategies.
  • TPKM Building: Design/build/operate an building with the support of the Foundation and to demonstrate the smart, efficient, and user-friendly facilities for future education, research and administration in FEMH.
  • College of Medicine and Nursing: The collaborative project is run by FEMH and Yuan Ze University. With the purpose of cultivate healthcare professionals for next generation, this strategy helps long term human resource sustainability and maintains our competitiveness.
  • Taoyuan FEMH: Expand the successful model of Banciao FEMH. Taoyuan FEMH has been approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and it will start the operation in 2029. Taoyuan FEMH will integrate information technology with Yuan Ze University and Far Eastern Telecom Park to develop smart healthcare system and health management platform.

With the spirit of sincerity, diligence, thrift, prudence, and innovation, we will continue expanding the fields of service, as well as pursuing breakthroughs. FEMH aims to realize the corporate social responsibilities of the Mr. Y.Z. Hsu Medical Foundation. The goals will be achieved by our devotions, strategic planning and careful executions. Let’s move on!

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital President

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Kuan-Ming Chiu