Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values
Far Eastern Memorial Hospital building
★ Mission:Continuing improvement in medical quality; Contributing high-quality medical service to the society
★ Vision:The first choice medical center of the Public

Our Values

Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift, Prudence, Innovation

Our role of regional services

  • Develop core competence and offers services for all critical and difficult care, and become the terminal for regional patient
  • Promote the role of health promotion and preventive medicine in the service area
  • Continue to concern about to issues related to sustainable operation and implement the purpose of establishing this hospital
  • Implement medical education and improve the quality of holistic care in the service area
  • Continue to develop R&D and innovation, promoting the development of the biomedical and health industry
  • Participate actively in national medical and health activities, and improve medical standards to become the first choice of medical center for critically ill patients nationwide
  • Develop internationally competitive medical services and actively participate in international health activities

2019-2023 goals

  • Service-Establish a patient-centered medical culture, and expand the service area of emergency and critical care
  • Teaching-Value holistic medical education, and cultivate outstanding talents, to become the preferred medical center for interns and resident doctors
  • Research-Combine science and technology to develop forward-looking medical research