Far Eastern Memorial Hospital is the only medical center in New Taipei City. In order to take care of more patients having hemophilia and coagulation related diseases, we established hemophilia center on 8 October, 2013. We set up the service of express checkout to help patients receive medicine and have the bill so that they won’t take much time in the hospital. About hemophilia care, we cooperate with rehabilitation department to provide ultrasound of the joints, rehabilitation, and partial articulation therapy. Also, we cooperate with orthopedics and oral surgery to work on managed care. We hope to provide comprehensive care to patients.

Service & Treatment

  • Our attending physicians all have a long experience in hematology. With the support of orthopedics, dentistry and rehabilitation, we can provide the most comprehensive care for patients.
  • We have internal medicine here, and we also have someone help patients pay the bill and receive their medicine. Patients do not need to take much time to deal with those problems.
  • Our center provides ultrasound of the joints, partial articulation therapy, genetic test, etc. Besides, we are also active in participating in national and international seminars in order to master the new therapy.

Our Team

Our team includes physicians of hematology, orthopedics, dentistry and rehabilitation. We also have 8 nurse practitioners and a social worker.

Center of Hemophilia