Apply for Document Copy


Application procedures & fees

The Process On The Application Of The Medical Record Copy


    1. Patients (submission original of copy of Identification Card )
    2. Authorized Persons (submission of Authorization Letter )
    3. Non-Patients or Non-Authorized Persons (submission of Both ID Cards and Authorization Letter ).

 Application Procedures:

    1. Applicant should go to Admission/Discharge Center at G/F, North Building for the medical record copy application.
    2. Applicant should be patient own self and should submit ID Card. After signing the “Medical record copy application form” the patient should pay the application fee from the cashier.
    3. Non-patients or non-authorized persons should submit patient authorization letter.
    4. When patients are single and youth, should also submit official authorization Letter.

 Application Time:

    1. Monday to Friday : 8:00AM to 17:00PM.
    2. Saturday : 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.
    3. Urgent application is exclusive,Applicant should go to Medical record office at B1/F, South Building.
    4. General medical record copy could be obtained within the same day, whole set of the medical record copy could be obtained within two working days.

 Application Fee:

    1. Copies within 10 pcs : application fee NT$ 100.
    2. Copies more than 10 pcs : NT$ 5 will be charged on each additional copy.

Document for download

Authorization for Disclosure of Medical Records 
Authorization Letter 
Medical Statement Application 

 Application through the Internet:

— Application Process —
  1. Complete Application Form ,Sent e-mail to the Medical Record office
  2. Responsible person will reply directly → prepare complete documents for collection from the hospital
  3. Patients (submission original copy of ID card)
  4. Authorized Persons (submission Authorized Letter)
  5. Non-Patients or Non- Authorized Persons (submission both ID cards and Authorization Letter)