With the advance of science and technology, people use digital devices for a long time every day. Nowadays, dry eye syndrome has higher occurrence in younger age groups than before. Here we not only specialize in the treatments but also focus on diagnostic tests. We provide diagnostic tests and consultation for free in order to fulfill social medical responsibilities. Furthermore, we keep developing and improving diagnostic tests and the quality of therapy, so we are active in introducing new equipment for treatments. Our goal is to provide services with high quality and effectiveness. We will do our best to protect your window of the soul.

Service & Treatment

It uses interferometer to test the thickness of lipid layer, detects lagophthalmos through imaging and presents clear image of meibomian gland with meibography. In 2014, we introduced the first ever LipiView® Ocular Surface Interferometer in Taiwan, and until May in 2021, there were 8969 people that had advanced checkup.

Demodex brevis often parasitizes around meibomian glands and roots of eyelashes. We use high-power optical microscope to test if demodex brevis overproliferats, which results in meibomian gland dysfunction and abnormal sebum secretion in tears , and leads to evaporative dry eye.

BlephEX can clean deeply, sterilize, remove biofilm, kill the demodex, and get rid of dandruff-like scales and accumulation of flat and dead cells of eyelashes. It could help remain meibomian glands unimpeded.

LipiFlow ® Thermal Pulsation System has local temperature pulsation of heating and thermal pulsation massage to cure meibomian gland dysfunction. It provides a new way for evaporative dry eye patients to choose. By heat massage, it can help meibomian gland unimpeded, and according to literature review, the therapeutic effect could sustain for 9 months to 3 years. It can enhance the curative effect of patients who cannot use warm compress.

This therapy can control the output of light energy. By photothermal effect, it can heat up and soften meibomian gland dysfunction and stimulate cells to release anti-inflammatory cytokines (TGF-β). Furthermore, it can shrink new blood vessels, improve the quality of oil in tear film, and reduce abnormal angiogenesis and inflammation at the same time.

Our Team

We have 4 full-time attending physicians, 1 nurse practitioner, and 5 nurses.

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