Doctor's Introduction

Chu, Thomas

Chu, Thomas
  • Attending physician,
  • Department of Dermatology, Medical Aesthetic Center
  • Dermatologic surgery,
  • Hair loss and restoration,
  • General dermatology:Acne,eczema,fungal infection,urticaria.
  • Dermoscopy-assisted mole examination for cancer prevention.
  • Aesthetic dermatology:Laser surgery,botulinum toxin and filler injection.
  • Publications:
  • Chu TW, Wang SH, Chi CC, Hsiao CH, Su LH,
  • Coexisting staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome and acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis, Dermatologica Sinica, accepted on April 29, 2013 for publication.
  • Chu TW, Tsai TF.
  • Psoriasis and cardiovascular comorbidities with emphasis in Asia.Giornale Italiano di Dermatologica e Venereologica 2012 (April); 147:189-202.
  • Tsai TT, Lin SJ, Lee WR, Wang CC, Hsu CT, Chu TW, Dong CY. Visualizing radiofrequency-skin interaction using multiphoton microscopy in vivo. J Dermatol Sci 2012; 65:95-101.
  • Chung SD, Keller JJ, Chu T, Lin HC. Psoriasis and the risk of erectile dysfunction:
  • A population-based case-control study. J Sex Med 2012; 9:130-135
  • Chang YJ, Yeh ML, Li YC, Hsu CY, Yen YT, Wang PY, Chu TW. Potential drug interactions in dermatologic outpatient prescription-experience from nationwide population-based study in Taiwan. Dermatologica sinica 2011; 29: 81-85.
  • M.D.,Texas A&M University College of Medicine
  • Postbac Premed, Columbia University
  • B.A.,Bucknell University
Medical Experience
  • Attending physician, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital
  • Residency, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital
  • Interventional Radiology Fellowship,New York Presbytarean Hospital (Cornell campus)
  • General surgery residency (prelimary year), Lennox Hill Hospital
  • Surgery internship, Berkshire Medical Center,affiliated with University of Massachusetts
  • Member of Taiwan Dermatological Association