Parking Discount

  1. Parking fee:
    • For motorcycle: NTD$30 each time.
    • For vehicles: NTD$80/ 2 hours. Parking fee reduces to NTD$30/ per hour after the 3rd hour.
    • Parking fee for vehicles entering from 9:00pm to 7:00am the next day will be charged at NTD$10 per hour.
  2. Free parking if leaving within 30 minutes after entering.
  3. Please leave the parking lot in 15 minutes after paying the fee.
  4. NTD$100 will be applied if the token is lost, and it is deductible if the token is found.
  5. Please proceed further if eligible for concession fee by presenting the receipt, NHI card and other supportive documents/IDs needed.
Free parking for motorcycle riders if:
  1. Attending the outpatient clinic or Emergency room: by showing the receipt.
  2. Patients for attending treatments or examinations: by presenting “free motorcycle parking card” or the stamp left on the treatment/examination record.
  3. Patients doing blood tests: by presenting the notification (with patient’s name and date of collecting blood) with “motorcycle discount” stamp.
  4. Patients attending hemodialysis or rehabilitation: by presenting the treatment record.
  5. Patients attending radiation therapy: by presenting the treatment record.
  6. Patients making an on-site appointment before 9am: by presenting the treatment record.
  7. Patients for collecting refillable prescriptions: by presenting the payment receipt.*for making the appointment online: by presenting “motorcycle discount” stamp left by the outpatient Pharmacy.
  8. After paying the parking fee: It is able to park again on the same day without charge.

Discount parking fee for vehicles if:
Payment term
Half price
Patients attending hemodialysis, (pulmonary) rehabilitation: by presenting the treatment record.
Half price for the first hour
Patients attending radiation therapy: by presenting the treatment record.
Please exit at the left lane located at parking lot at B2 if eligible for discount, or holding a discount voucher.
Weekly-parking card (not refundable if using for less than 1 week)
  1. The weekly-parking card is eligible if the patient is hospitalized in long-term. Applying for weekly-parking card at parking lot administration center by presenting the “visitor card” issued by the nurse station. It has maximum limit of applying for just ONE card per bed.
  2. Fee: NTD$750 for vehicles per week, and NTD$100 for motorcycles per week, plus deposit fee of NTD$100. Deposit is refundable unless the token is damaged.

Comparison between weekly-parking card and normal parking:
Weekly-parking card
Normal parking
  1. Daily parking:(NTD$40* 2 hours)+(NTD$30* 12 hours)+(NTD$10* 10 hours)=NTD$540
  2. Weekly parking: NTD$540* 7 day=NTD$3,780
  1. Daily parking: NTD$30 each time.
  2. Weekly parking: NTD$30* 7 days= NTD$210.

To apply for a weekly-parking card and applicable parking area:
Place to apply for a weekly-parking card
Applicable parking area
Parking lot administration center at B2, North Building
B3 and B4, North building
Parking lot administration center at outdoors parking lot
Outdoors parking lot.
Issued by Department of Occupational Safety & General Affairs Far Eastern Memorial Hospital.