• FEMH website follows the regulations for zero-barrier webpage development. The website divides into 3 main sections (including the usage of anchors and accesskeys):

    1. Anchors and accesskeys of upper division(U) - Guides and links.
    2. Anchors and accesskeys of content(C) - This division demonstrates main content of each webpage.
    3. Anchors and accesskeys of right division(R) - This division demonstrates sub-menu and relevent recommendation, e.g. hospital news.
    4. Anchors and accesskeys of lower division(B) - Guides and links.
  • Instructions for usage of anchors and accesskeys:

    1. Internet Explorer、Firefox、Google Chrome(Windows)、Safari(Windows) Please use Altwith accesskeys
    2. Google Chrome(Mac)、Safari(Mac) Please useAlt+Optionwith accesskeys
    3. Opera Please useShift+Escwith accesskeys