Cardiovascular disease is one of the top ten causes of death in Taiwan. Thus it is an important and unignorable problem to make early diagnosis, choose effective treatment, and achieve a comprehensive prevention. For our hospital, cardiovascular medicine is not only the medical expertise, but also the expertise to provide the best, most immediate and most appropriate cardiovascular medical services in a comprehensive manner. Cardiovascular medicine covers from diagnosis to treatment, and also from non-invasive to invasive treatment. Our mission is to keep providing the Best Quality Care and fulfill social medical responsibilities Mission, and also targeted as the primary choice of cardiovascular medical center in the public. We did our best in defending public health.

Service & Treatment

In order to alleviate the suffering of patients and speed up wound recovery, we are also the first team in the country to comprehensively promote cardiac catheterization by radial arteries, with an implementation rate of more than 95%. We also encourage cardiopulmonary rehabilitation for patients with acute myocardial infarction. With the cooperation of neurologists and neurosurgeons, we are the first domestic team to implement reperfusion therapy for ischemic stroke, and we have more than one hundred cases of intravenous and transarterial treatment currently. Our hospital has the first Telemedicine Care Center in Taiwan, which can provide timely doctor's instructions by recording the patient's ECG in just 30 seconds and sends it back to the Telemedicine Care Center via telephone. Beside invasive intervention, we are the only medical center nationwide that has an EECP system, which can provide effective treatment for patients with severe coronary artery diseases and congestive heart failure.

Our center has 48 beds for general care, 28 beds for intensive care units, 4 cardiac catheterization laboratories with advanced instruments; 2 sets of cardiac electrophysiology instruments, 3D stereotaxic devices, cryoablation therapy, and 24-hour cardiovascular teams that can provide patients with the best medical services in the first time.

The remote tracking of implantable cardiac devices utilizes wireless transmission to transmit the information in the cardiac equipment to the hospital. Therefore, doctors can know the patient’s performance and status by the data from of the medical equipment. Our medical team hope to take care of the patient as soon as possible for early intervention and treatment.

Our Team

Currently we have 23 full-time attending physicians, 7 Nurse Practitioner, 23 cardiac catheterization laboratory technicians, 10 Cardiovascular Examination Room technicians, 2 Research Assistant,3 Case Manager, 1 Cardiovascular Health Educator, and 1 secretary , 1 administrative assistant. Among the above, there are 3 assistant professors and 4 appointed lecturers.