Oncology (cancer) is recognized as one of six core competencies at Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (FEMH). In October 2014, FEMH established the first Cancer Prevention Center in New Taipei City. Our approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment is multidisciplinary, involving Hematology and Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, and Oncology Nursing, etc. In addition, we focus especially on both clinical researches and cancer treatments. While advancing the surgical techniques and introducing newest treatment drugs, we have developed more effective chemotherapy with lower toxicity and new type of radiotherapy using state-of-the-art equipment. Our goal is to prolong a cancer patient’s life and improve patient’s quality of life.

Service & Treatment

We are devoted to providing the patient-centered healthcare by targeting different patients’ medical needs and offering essential services to our patients. Patients and their family members are able to discuss the treatment plan with our multidisciplinary team who will fight the cancer together.

We offer chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Patient can receive treatments in a spacious and sunny area.

We have built a holistic approach to provide comprehensive care by a team of oncologist, hematologist, oncology nursing case managers, pharmacist, dietitian, counseling psychologist and social worker.

In order to provide patients and their family necessary support and to help survivors adjusting after the cancer treatment, we offer services regarding cancer treatments information, health education, psychological management, social welfare, assistive devices, referral, and patient support group.

The Happiness Store provides greater opportunities for our cancer survivors to restore their life and social ability.

Sunny Club provides our patients with a network to share experiences, exchange medical information and give emotional support that patients may need during the treatment and survivorship.

Our Team

Doctor Lin, Shih-Chiang is the head leader of Center of Cancer Control. There are 11 professional team which composed of doctors from different specialties, responsible for different cancer. The center also have 8 case managers.

Center of Cancer Control