In order to provide diverse medical services and critical care, and improve the quality of medical service, we established Hyperbaric Oxygen Center in 2017. Diagnosis and treatment of the center are conducted by pulmonary and critical care physicians and plastic surgeons. We have ventilators and monitoring instruments to provide critical care patients hyperbaric therapy. Also, we provide patients with stubborn wounds comprehensive integrative care. In 2019, we were certificated by Ministry of Health and Welfare and Association of Hyperbaric And Undersea Medicine Of Republic Of China as a training center for hyperbaric oxygen. Our vision is that any patient with disease indicated for hyperbaric oxygen therapy will receive adequate treatment protocol.

Center of Hyperbaric Oxygen

Service & Treatment

Patients undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy will enter a pressurized chamber. They will breathe in pure oxygen through face shield intermittently in air pressure levels 1.4, and physician will determine course of treatment according to their diseases. Hyperbaric oxygen can increase the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood and enhance the oxygen content of blood and tissue.

  • Increase the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood in order to make oxygen spread to tissue damage and improve hypoxia.
  • Accelerate angiogenesis, and accelerate fibroblasts to manufacture collagen so as to increase the production of granulation tissue to promote wound healing .
  • Increase phagocytes in white blood cells to have better infection control.
  • Use oxygen to produce peroxide which has inhibition and bactericidal effect on anaerobic bacteria.
  • Shrink the peripheral blood vessels slightly, and lower the pressure of the lumen to reduce edema of body injury, tissues and the brain.
  • Speed up the exchange of carbon monoxide in order to remove it from patients.
  • Shrink the volume of air bubbles in blood by pressure to accelerate the elimination of nitrogen bubbles in the body cavity and slow down the air embolism, and improve blood circulation
  • Comfortable and wide environment
  • HAUX hyperbaric chamber
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Decompression sickness or acute air embolism
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Gas gangrene and anaerobic infection
  • Radiation tissue damage
  • Radiation enteritis or cystitis (With comorbidity of massive hemorrhage, blood transfusion over two times and other treatments are not effective)
  • Limb crush with traumatic ischemia ( under hyperbaric oxygen pressure 50 feet for 120 minutes.)
  • Necrotizing soft tissue infection and mixed bacterial infections
  • chronic osteomyelitis ( with comorbidity of surgical diseases or ineffective antibiotic treatment)
  • Acute burn injury and second to third degree burn injury that their surface area is between 15~90%
  • Limb crush with traumatic ischemia ( under hyperbaric oxygen pressure 30 feet for 90 minutes.)
  • Sudden deafness
  • Blood Vessel Injury and physically disabled
  • Acute stroke (cerebral embolism, cerebral hemorrhage)
  • Patients of chronic stroke rehabilitation
  • Patients of nerve injury rehabilitation
  • Anemia
  • Skin flaps transplantation
  • Acute massive hemorrhage and do not undergo blood transfusion
  • Impaired wound healing (Diabetes and bedsore)
  • Central retinal artery occlusion
  • Neurothlipsis or neurotmesis (Facial palsy and Spinal cord injury)
  • Partial sports injuries and muscle aches
  • Preventive health care, anti-aging and cosmetic dermatology
  • Impaired dental implant wound healing
  • Brain abscess
  • Actinomycosis

Our Team

Our center includes physicians of hyperbaric, critical care , chest, plastic surgery and respiratory therapists that passed the training of hyperbaric and undersea medicine.

Center of Hyperbaric Oxygen